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About us

The idea - overcome boundaries in local network limits

The run up to the birth of WebSmartWare began around 1995 with a search for ways to make software applications easily available to any user outside the limits of a local area or wide area network.

Mailbox systems (as they were known then), wide area networks as well as the then new universal network World Wide Web were scrutinized and test started to get a functioning system up and running. With the lightning spread of the Internet toward the end of the 1990s and at the beginning of the new millenium this medium seemed to be the one to back.

The breakthrough and thus the birth of WebSmartWare came in June 2000. As with many customers and interested parties, the developer presented the system to his colleagues on the telephone while in parallel they followed his instructions in their browser. They were seeing things happening in a small simple database software application.

Initially, it was only a case of demonstrating access to a database located on a server many miles away. The connection was through the Internet via a local browser.

This was the great novelty. No special software was required on the local computer - only the standard browser. 

Thus one of the major stumbling blocks of software development had been overcome. For twent years the decisive questions in matters of software were: What kind of computer do you have? What operating system are you running? Which version of WINDOWS have you got? These questions were the knock out criteria for any software sales of the day. Only when these questions had been successfully answered and proven could a sale be considered or, as was usual, the software vendor had to offer and maintain various software versions for the differing environments.

With WebSmartWare these difficulties became obsolete overnight. The usual questions had become superfluous and all the extra development and maintenance work with various versions for differing operating systems had come to an end.

At this time nobody could really understand the quality of this as yet undeveloped jewel. In fact, some interested parties reckoned the system could not work even though they had operated it extensively themselves a day earlier. Other people - mainly technicians - maintained and stated WebSmartWare was roughly two years behind their own developments - something they never were able to back up with facts!

The speed of the system left many people astounded. In those days, the connections were often no quicker than 56K. Nevertheless, the operating speed of WebSmartWare applications seemed to replicate the day to day speed people were accustomed to in local applications.

In short: This was the foundation of the development platform that was named WebSmartWare. Considerations as to whether Linux, Windows-PC, Apple or later SmartPhone and Tablet and even which operating system version, were banned to the history books at this time by WebSmartWare!

Technology - whatever you can do locally runs in the Internet!

Once access to databases had been achieved various selections and the consequent presentation of the data followed promptly.

Data creation, and search masks enabled the input and access. Lists delivered the expected results which were presented in a pleasant format. In an existing IT-world the selected data drove a demand for interfaces. Of course, users wanted to process the data within their usual terrain.

MS-Excel and MS-WORD followed as standard interfaces. In the meantime, there are not only interfaces to MS-Word for letters and mailshots, to MS-Excel for calkulations, but also connections to E-Mail programmes as well as to SAP and other ERP and accounting packages.

In this fashion, WebSmartWare was able to integrate itself into an existing software landscape as a departmental and company software. The "ability" of WebSmartWare applications to be learned and controlled "en passant (by the by) " (see homepage) soon turned into a blessing.

Dashboard controls in a moveable window which could switched on/off, dragged elsewhere with a mouse or changed in size became available.

Searches on the database including a query editor to formulate complex search algorithms turned WebSmartWare into a powerful system. In an every scenario it is the simple direct search demandsa like a reminder system, items or addresses that still need to be processed, items that have already been dealt with, travellers that still need accommodation, staff that are absent from the trade fair booth etc. according to area of business and requirements. Each user soon learns to appreciate these steps and accepts them as standard procedure. 

The connection of WebSmartWare to E-Mail systems also became standard procedure. However, a connection to the mobile phone network caused a slight sensation!

New technology - tomorrow's world

DirectCall, the product name or staff paging system, the description created this link. With one click of the mouse a signal was sent to a registered mobile phone number. The scenario: Somebody is needed at the reception on a trade fair stand as a customer is waiting. The staff member has not told anybody he is leaving the stand. Where is he? One mouse click and just like a pager he gets a signal directly on his mobile/cell phone calling him to reception.

Form the point of view of costs, the logistics of installation and the practicabiliy - especially when the staff comes from a range of countries and is unknown to many on the stand -  DirectCall became a hit.

For more than five years DirectCall has been used regularly with great success by clients operating on a worldwide basis sat international trade fairs. A major presence at international trade fairs forms an integral and elementary part of the marketing strategy employed to grow these companies.

The brilliance of this product that is usually employed as a module in TradeFairOrganizer is often tested as a "Killer-Product". This is where the Internet, software applications and wireless telecommunications are united to improve human communication.

Presentation of large and various interwoven dasta sets into one picture became - by the by - a new, modern standard feature with WebSmartWare. Please note - this is all happening simply with a browser and an Internet connection.

Development - precise, custom-built, organized and fast

Meanwhile WebSmartWare clients profit from the strict organization in the development department.

Strict modular structures enable amazingly fast corections during development. Above all, this can mean market leadership in the speed of new developments and software customizing.

In short: Where new developments in the software industry in general are planned in months and years, WebSmartWare usually plans in days and weeks. With one company WebSmartWare presented a prototype before the internal software department of that company had been able to organize a meeting to discuss the subject!

In general it had to be said that all improvements, further developments or even corrections are at the disposal of all users with immediate effect. Downloads or installation processes are no more!

Features - diverse, multi-lingual and real time

The complete range of solutions is available in the main menu under "Software Solutions". In this case we would like to limit our attention to the diversity of WebSmartWare solutions, their multi-lingual character as well as the topic "real time".

The diversity ranges from solutions fromt he communal sector such as CityAdmin as well as an all-encompassing package on planning, organization and control for local or district council works and highways or even the parks and gardens department to a felxible Event and Trade Fair management tool to CRM, PoS reporting, logistics and storage and even a document management solution.

In addition packages in the travel industry, for hotels with an online accommodation plan, mini-website, booking administration, for agencies with a detailed institutional travel agenda and accounting as well as a product to control the ordering and dispatch of information materials and their invoicing ina travel agency network. 

Project management, access control systems, equipment hire as well as media ordering entend the product range (For more information see the main menu under "Software Solutions" or get in touch via our contact system).

There are a number of application waiting in the wings. Software for various trades people Including site measurement and calculation, administration for bus companies, yet the multi-lingual capability of WebSmartWare is a particuarly useful feature in daily operation.

In our global economy which - thanks also to WebSmatrWare - can operate in a closely knit manner even with staff spread out geographically language borders are often crossed. In WebSmartWare any user is asked to select a language at login time. The programme then appears in the langauge as selected with the same user data that also appear in other languages. However, the programme data (buttons, field namesd, instructions etc.) appear in the langauge selected. In this fashion an American, a Japanese, a German as well as other Europeans can work in their native tongue in parallel to their colleagues. German and English are standard issue in WebSmartWare. Other languages cam be easily created in less than one day.

Finally, a few words on the topic of 'real time'.

Once data has been saved by a user all that current data in WebSmartWare immediately becomes available to every other user.

Payment - software-as-a-service

Naturally, the question on pricing and the basis of payment for the new software format soon arose. Orginally, agreements were made according to the more traditional pattern whereby the customer "bought" a user licence. As a consequence, an application for the investment had to be made to the management or even the board. 

As for exmple in the area of PoS-Report jobs were often carried out by agencies a business model was developed which was linked to the work completed. A small fee was required per report (per data record created) - in effect, payment was due as the service was used.

Gradually, the standard system became one of renting out the service - with fees linked to the amount of service used. With software-as-a-service the idea was born to deliver the software as required. As an example, DirectCall or TradeFairOrganizer were only used around Trade Fair time and then paid accordingly.

At that time, nobody was talking about Cloud-Computing yet, so once again WebSmartWare was ahead of the game.

As a small payment was made for renting ther software WebSmartWare slotted into the area of direct company costs. Thus purchasing decisions were often made directly in departments without any form of decision drama involving the top echelons of the company.

Corporation - WebSmartWare GmbH

Toward the end of 2009 the idea began to grow to put WebSmartWare on a broader, new basis and hiss the flag. At the beginning of 2011 these ideas were channelled into the formation of WebSmartWare GmbH - a German limited liability company. With that single step a solid foundation was created to move into the future in a more professional ordered fashion with the single goal of growth.

At the same time, WebSmartWare represented a change from a more technically driven operation to an innovative corporation close to the needs of the market. The new undertaking was given a bold if not unconventional web presence, new logo and for the first time a marketing stategy. The amalgamation of software development with a supplier who is interwoven with Internet and the succinct, innovative self-portrayal in the Internet was to set new standards.

Furthermore, WebSmartWare was aiming to re-position itself. In essence, the situation was driven by recognition of the fact that WebSmartWare needs the Internet like humans need air to breathe. An essential fact serving as the starting point for all activity at WebSmartWare.

WebSmartWare exists because of the Internets as well as in the Internet and then for the Internet.

As a motto: "WebSmartWare - Internet is our life."

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