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OCR: Text Recognition

In text recognition (OCR: Optical Character Recognition) we are dealing with a digital recognition of text images from a scanned document. The script is transformed into digital text and as a result becomes available for further processing in the digital realm. Often this process is used to insert this information into databases.

WebSmartWare uses text recognition in Lead Creation in the Back-Office area to utilize information from business cards. To create this so-called "business card true" data in an international environment can produce the odd barrier. Just think of all the special characters in various western European languages. In eastern Europe things get even more difficult and overseas language symbols change completely. 

WebSmartWare offers a comprehensive language control system within its text recognition as a standard feature. For example, switching over Hungarian and all the data on the business card can be recognised and stored as they would  within Hungary.

In these days of international trade fairs, flexibility of this nature in a small area can translate into a rapid, precise and fruitful business contact....see more on lead creation

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