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Signature Online

A signature might be required within online or mobile applications. Following the completion of a job on site in a supermarket within the application PoS-Report a signature might well be required from the store manager. The signature is to act as confirmation for head office that all the work has been completed as ordered.

Using WebSmartWare the store manager can sign with one finger directly on a tablet. A pixel-precise image of his signature (not a jpg) is stored in the system.



Thus, we can solve an every day problem with a modern, mobile system almost in a fashion akin to the traditional method of signing a chit. The vital difference lies in the fact that the signed chit from the remote location can be seen in head office immediately and is approved for further processing.

Via the menu point Test the Software you can try out this function for yourself....go to Test the Software and scroll down to test the online signature

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