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WLAN - Mobile

Maybe this posting is not directly a Highlight from the portfolio by WebSmartWare. The effect in online working is, however, rather important.

Read on...

Little mobile WLAN Routers that you can put in your bag or in your car are available on the market from now. You insert your UMTS or LTE chip into the appliance. With that you do not need a single chip for every one of your machines eg. laptops, tablets, smartphones and can work within your own WLAN.

This way you can save lots of money in the long term because you only Need one chip (whether in the machine or as one of those annoying extensions). Furthermore, it's easier when you want to work on site and online.

This principle could become established in the next few months and years. We will see if at least one of the major telecommunications suppliers start up their propaganda machines! WebSmartWare Dezember 2014

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