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Contact Management – a slightly different way

WebSmartWare CRM is online and as a consequence, your sales people are mobile and ready for action.

The relationship of all sales people and their direct supervisors to each customer or lead is reflected in the autorization structure. The sales person responsible for any parrticular customer has access to all the relevant data.

Each customer or lead is cared for directly.

The complete customer correspondence is availabe online in the customer "file". The notes management system is linked to the reminder system allowing entry of all contact details as well as the basis of the next conversation. Detailed and chronological information on each contact make life easier when stand in staff in cases of vacation or sickness, interaction with internal staff or when new staff have to step in.

Reminder System

After every contact you can update the reminder system. Reminders do require a little discipline, however, every sales person quickly realizes how much help the system brings. Every day you can call up your contacts and act according to the notes. If you always have a sales meeting at head office on Mondays just do not make any appoitments for that day.

The dates are listed completely and offer you access to all the factual information on that lead/customer.

Customer File

In addition to the reminder system the customer file offers you a complete history and an overview of customer correspondence. Offers, E-mails as well as orders and contracts can be assigned and stored here. At all times, this remains accessible to the sales person responsible - whereever he or she might be


In the everyday of sales notes are perhaps the second most important feature after closing a deal. Every sales idea as well as the content of evry contact is usually noted here and assigned to a personal contact. Details on the contact person (birthday, direct phone line, mobile number, private number etc.) can also be entered right here.

Furthermore, the reminder system is controlled in the notes via the date.

Notes puts an end to the pieces of loose paper. if calls come in to the main office the internal sales people can make notes for the sales person responsible. Thus the notes are assigned to the lead/customer and stored there for later. When called up by the sales person the changes are evident immediately.


A series of information can be assigned to any lead/customer such as year of incorporation, mother company, board, capitalization etc. that form the value and character of the company. Information of this kind can be stored in the dossier and remain accessible at all times.

When responsibility for any lead/customer changes to a new sales person impirtant information can be handed over that the predecessor may have gleaned over the years. Gaps in the knowledge about customers does not occur and the odd faux pas can be avoided.

Staff Allocation

The allocation of staff to leads/customers usually takes place on a geographical basis and/or in more technical matters based on the relative competence of the member of staff. This allocation can be assigned one address by one or manually as a group by means of a selection.

Search Criteria

CRM offers an immense battery of search criteria. Whether you mark every address with you own branch criteria and/or according to product or even according to type of goods you will always find your addresses and be able to select them almost at will.

Of course, you can select according to reminder system data, meeting/vist dates as well as according to other criteria such as the last mailshit or the number of employees combined with the business sector.

Mailshot/E-Mail Series Function

Following every selection of addresses you can trigger a mailshot. The addresses selected can be transferred to MS-WORD with the saluation stored to print off the mailshot concerned.

In the same fashion an E-mail series can be triggered. Naturally, the actual E-Mail system in use has to be linked up at some stage - a small investment indeed!

Notes can be logged automatically into the contact address concerning the mailshot/E-Mail series for future reference and additional search criteria.

The consequences for you

WebSmartWare CRM makes your sales force mobile and keeps it in the picture. Work from interaction with the indoor service staff as well as with other colleagues is safeguarded. 

What equipment your staff use on the road or in indoor service is of no consequence. The main thing is that they have access to the Interent and a browser on their machine. Add their personal login details and they can work without restrictions – whether in the office or on the road!

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