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Marketing, Administration and Invoicing for hire/use of public sports facilities...

... and/or rooms in schools and other buildings.

With CityAdmin you have an excellent tool at your disposal for the administration of public sport.

The major feature of this Internet solution lies in the real time nature of processing. That means: The moment any change has been made all other authorized users have the new current data at their disposal for processing. This is absolutely independent of the location of any user. The only precondition is Internet access.

The solution can be used in the following sectors, whereby the individual modules are connected. As a result, similar data only needs to be entered and edited once.

Administration of Institutions and Persons Responsible Sector

In this sector, the institutions (clubs, companies, authorities, public offices, etc.) and people responsible are entered. These details can be assigned to one or more institutions.

In order to manage the addresses and contact names, data selection can be carried out according to the most varied and freely defineable criteria. Further processing can then take place such as, transfer to Excel files, creation of mail shots in Word or sending an E-Mail.

Facility/Buildings Sector

It is quite usual for the public office responsible to rent out not only sports facilities, but also rooms within schools (outside obligatory school times). All the buildings and facilities together with their relative rooms are entered into the system. The varying forms of usage, room dimensions and specific information including any inventories are entered, along with the relevant fees for the use of each sports facility or room.

Rent Sector

Obviously, facilities can be rented out to people or institutions once or for a specific period. In the case of institutions, the basic data contains information in the fee key regarding whether an invoice is to be raised or not (eg; perhaps state schools are not invoiced). Concessions can be created for every separate usage und sent to the user. The invoice data is transferred to the accounts department (SAP) of the hirer via interface. Data for terms (semesters) or annual periods that remain identical can be automated for transfer to the next period. This data can be sent to the institutions concerned for approval before the actual invoice is raised and then edited if required. In addition, within the invoicing section other items can be invoiced individually or as extras.

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