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A direct and easy-to-use document management system in a diagram structure.

Suitable for all branches and institutions that wish to access from anywhere documents, contracts, protocols, images or other types of file.

Each institution can build up its own organisational structure for Doku-Manager. This structure organizes the headers under which, for example, important sales documents are assigned. Documents, images, graphs etc. can be sorted according to label terminology well-known within the institution.

A document search is then explained by the labelling headers of any particular section. Consequently, documents are quick and easy to find.

More sensitive documents such as contracts, agreements etc. can be protected from general access.

Uploading files to Doku-Manager also represents a back-up. All files in Doku-Manager are backed up regularly, so at all times, a secure copy of these files is available to you out-of-house.

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