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Event Management - Online

Today, events with a nationwide appeal are often published somewhere on a webpage. The event programme including the various time slots is stated clearly and everything seems to be modern, mobile und digital.

Unfortunately, it can happen that at the point of registration things start to go seriously wrong. Registration forms – if available – have to printed off and then possibly sent by fax. Even if the form is transmitted by email, the event's promoter invariably has to deal with the data, mail by mail.

...this is how it is done today!

WebSmartWare enables any registration including individual selections. The registration data appears automatically as a data record in the registration data base. From here - also automatically - the relevant invoice is created and sent to the applicant by e-mail with a greeting as well as the information for payment.

Furthermore, participants are informed directly about the details of their registration.

Subsequently, in the events office, incoming payments can be assigned directly to their invoices/payees and booked. If required, payment reminders can also be sent out.

On the day of the event the participants can be received under the details of their registration and kitted out accordingly.

The Jeep Club Germany processed four events concurrently last summer. The administration and supervision of these events was carried out by one person working part time.

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