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Our logistics and warehousing software is not only online and mobile but can also serve a number of clients at the same time. This means you can take on the warehousing and the logistics (dispatching) for as many clients as you wish.

The most modern technology secures your cutting edge

Due to the variable use of picking trolleys with which - depending on their type - up to 30 orders can be picked simultaneously and brought to the packing station or picking boxes that can really only take one order each but can reach the packing station completely automatically via conveyors belts you have the most effective and fastest option at your disposal to process your dispatch orders.

Overhead-Scanner saves time and effort

In the goods receiving area we - as a partner of Fujitsu - deploy the neat overhead scanner SV600 to scan bills of lading/shipping documents. With its unique technology this canner allows rapid scanning of bound or stapled documents. There is no need to separate the pages (this can often legal ramifications) with great effort and added time. Just page over one by one during the scanning process in order to create a pdf file consisting of a number of pages which is automatically assigned to the appropriate item. 

ScanSnap SV600 Scanprozess Seite 1 SV600 Scandialog
8 Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet for Photo Documentation and Pick Orders

In matters of quaility documentation we use an 8 inch tablet with Windows 8.1. The integrated camera documents in an image the status of the item delivered. In this case the photos are assigned automatically to the appropriate item received. Should the tablet not be used in the receiving area it can - among other jobs - be used for completing pick orders. More on that in the description of pick orders.


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