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Dispatch orders

The warehousing service partner has a complete overview of all transactions at his disposal. Completely processed orders, those awaiting payments or arrival of goods or other orders that are waiting in the "queue" for other reasons can be displayed at any time. Every shop operator can track "his/her" orders during processing.

When an order arrives the warehouse staff receive a pick order and off they go!

As a rule after collection from the warehouse the items in the order/pick order end up at the packing station, are packaged and - according to the parameters stored on the shop operator concerning dispatch - are prepared for the appropriate carrier.

WebSmartWare can portray a number of warehouses as well as several "customers" (shop operators).

That means item quantities owned by the same shop operator can be stored in differing warehouses. This does not have any deeper meaning for the customer (shop operator) except that there is always enough storage space. The issue of a pick order, however, follows exclusively for one single warehouset.

For invoicing by the warehousing service operator storage time and volume of the goods as well as packaging and dispatch data are protocolled in a precise manner.


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