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Warehouse Information

The menu point Warehouse Information delivers a number of varied query options in particular on item stocks.

Bin location information

This is where either an explicit single bin location can be queried on the items stored there producing a list stating which customer, which item have been stored in which location. 

In addition, there are further query options to obtain a list of all empty storage aids so that they can be returned to the system.

Equally a full list is generated here displaying all the items registered as faulty.

Stock information

Within the stock information module beside a query on a item stocks of a particular customer you can also query the billing volume over asny period of time.

In the query on item stocks of any customer three lists are generated.

  1. Items ready for dispatch: Identification/EAN-number, item name, stock, volumen in cm³ and date of the last change in stock. At the end of this list ther sum of all items in total volume in m³ is calculated as well as the total number of all items.
  2. Faulty items: Identification/EAN-number, item name, faulty quantity and available quantity. This information is supplied per bin location.
  3. Blocked items: Identification/EAN-number, item name, blocked quantity and available quantity. This information is supplied per bin location.

Via the query on billing volume over a certain period the daily calculated item volumes and the number of palette spaces are displayed in the form of a list. The calculated total volume of the items in m³ as well as ther number of palette spaces is displayed at the time of daily accounting period. As additional information - which is not used in the billing process - the total stock of all items per accounting period is displayed as well as the number of packages with their total weight dispatched on that day.

Minimum storage life

In this module all the items of any customer are listed for a chosen period of time in which the minimum storage life (MSL) of that item may fall. The list includes the identification/EAN-number, the item name of the minimum storage life, available quantity, blocked quantity and faulty quantity with the exact bin location. As a result the customer can decide immediately what is to be done with those items.

The date of minimum storage life of any item is entered at reception of the goods as long as the item is labelled in basic data as "enter MSL".

Serial number

In the query on items dispatched with a serial number for a customer within any period a list is generated which can be opened in a spreadsheet like eg. Microsoft Excel. This list contains the serial number, identification/EAN-number, item name, order and bill of lading (delivery note) number, order date and delivery address.

In the search for a particular serial number there is a function which opens the appropriate dispatch order with information on the pick process and the delivery note.

A serial number is entered during the packing process and is printed out on the delivery note appropriately for each item.

Some shop operators – customers of the warehouse operator – would like the delivery notes to be sent out. As digital documents thisd procesds is most easily completed in a half-automatic fashion by E-Mail.

At the reception of goods WebSmartWare distinguishes various locations according to the size of the goods. The shelf location for usual sizes possibly with a bin for smaller items as well as a palette space for more bulky goods.

Which goods may have been damaged is registered meticulously – also photographically - and the "owner" is informed ready for his/her decision. Above all types of goods that have expiry dates, batch care or require particular warehouse conditions are administered and displayed additonally as required.

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