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Reporting and Controlling of Activities at the POS in Real Time

Suitable for all branches and companies who deal with product placement, rack jobbing or merchandising and the like. Our reporting solution provides a particularly successful kind of information analysis for your markets. In the main, large organisations and agencies use this solution to knit together the work done by their associates throughout any country and make the consolidated information and job administration possible in real time. Fast and complete reporting - including photo documentation - made availabe to the customer in real time.


A questionnaire can be set up quickly and for a target group. All the stores that are to answer the questions are grouped together to one campaign. The store managers concerned can answer the question immediately and - if required - can upload photos too. The marketing speciaslist at head office can download the answers immediately. They receive the data in a structured format in an  MS-Excel sheet ready for evaluation.

  1. Quick set up of a qurestionnaire
  2. Grouping of selected stores
  3. Immediate answer of questions by store managers
  4. Easy upload of appropriate photos
  5. Download of answers for evaluation in Excel format

Of course, it is clear to us that a large number of varied question options exist that have grown in any company culture. However, we have learned in a number of leading companies that with our Internet based software companies achieve up-to-date, structured and consolidated information faster and with less effort.

The following points will give you an insight into the features of this application from various angles.

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