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Information Management

Your solution for:

  • Show Assembly
  • Merchandising
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Promotion
  • Rack Jobbing
  • Roll Out
  • Window Dressing
  • Store Check
  • Sales Support
  • Visual Marketing
  • Secondary Placement

We have been developing solutions for activities in and around Points-of-Sale since 1995. From 2000 we have been supplying these solutions exclusively via the Internet as mobile and browser-driven applications. By the way, we supply our software as a service in the field of cloud computing. We call it  online & mobile.

To be able to use our solutions you need Internet access and a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.). No extra software installation is required on your appliance.

WebSmartWare POS-Report is the ideal solution for use as a planning and controlling instrument in POS management. The core job of POS-Report is the documentation and evaluation in real time of campaign and job reports and from anywhere in the world.

Under the following headers we would like to give you a concise overview of the power and level of our solution.
Furthermore, you will be able to find direct information on certain particular functions.

As the range and description of these functions is growing all the time it is worth your while to come back from time to time and see the updates.

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