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Public Highways & Works

The WebSmartWare application Public Highways & Works is a software solution for the particular requirements of transactions and order administration in local, district and county councils' public highways and works as well as parks and garden departments.

In transaction management every order is created according to a cost account and assigned in part to the appropriate areas (sections or sub-departments). Via their own access, other council workers can create their own orders and as a result orders on paper become obsolete.

The next step in the work process is job management. Dependent on his/her actual section, the job manager sees only those orders/jobs to be carried out by his/her own section. In the job calender the manager assigns the jobs to their particular date and consequently, the appropriate workers required.

On completion of any job the workers register themselves in the system in order to enter their work details. (This replaces the old work sheet.). The worker selects the relevant job for which he wishes to enter regular or overtime working hours and enters the data. He also enters the number of hours for machines and other appliances as well as the materials that were required for the particular job.

All the data from job management is transferred periodically to the accounts department. As a standard feature, WebSmartWare already offers interfaces for SAP and ABACUS. Others can be readily created in cooperation with your IT department.

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