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WebSmartWare Pager/DirectCall is the most innovative option to call staff members (trade fair personnel) to reception.

It is suitable for all branches and companies that are represented at trade fairs. Suitable for international trade fairs, open house fairs, conventions, seminars, workshops and conferences.

This technology operates similarly to a pager only that instead of a foreign object, the pager, the system links in to every registered personal mobile/cell phone. Ths technology is much faster and cheaper than a text message!

In the browser at the reception desk a small button is located in the staff duty list. One click and the WebSmartWare-DirectCall-server is activated. The WebSmartWare server makes a connection to the mobile and sends the signal.

The member of staff concerned receives a call with no more than three rings on his mobile. The call number identification tells him/her that reception is calling. Even if he/she takes the call, an automatic text telling him/her to come to reception can be heard.


1. Expensive pager technology is not required.

2. Use of each personal mobile - no foreign objects.

3. The logistics concerned with distributing and then collecting these appliances is not required.

4. Works wonderfully well with foreign numbers for staff from other countries.

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