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Software embedded in the Internet

All WebSmartWare products are installed on our own web-servers - embedded in the Internet. With WebSmartWare you access other services such as Google Maps, Wikipedia, etc. interactively.

To get started all you need is a browser with access to the Internet. Your network is the the largest network in the world - the Internet. Thanks to new technologies all manner of barriers are disappearing: You can choose between High-Speed-Broadband, UMTS/LTE or satellite-connections.

WebSmartWare is there for you always and everywhere - no matter where you happen to be. At all times and from anywhere you have access to your WebSmartWare software solution.

WebSmartWare is independent - whether you run Windows, Linux or Apple OS, WebSmartWare delivers your data in real time. Whether a PC, SmartPhone or Tablet, you can operate WebSmartWare with any appliance.

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